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Men and women are released from state and federal prisons each year


Of released prisoners remain unemployed after 1 year - 5x higher than the general population

2 OUT OF 3

Re-offend and are re-arrested within 3 years

Many studies have shown that ex-offenders without a job are significantly more likely to recidivate. Lack of hope in their future financial security leads to instability in their lives, families, and communities.

Image by Utsman Media

Having a criminal record reduces the likelihood of a callback or a job offer by nearly 50%

Image by Daniel Wiadro

Unemployment is greatest within the first two years of an inmate's release


Of those most recently released from prison, over 30% were unemployed - nearly 5x higher than the general US population

Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

Reentering citizens want to work and are active and motivated to secure employment

Employment helps formerly incarcerated people gain economic stability after release and reduces the likelihood that they return to prison, promoting greater public safety to the benefit of everyone. But despite the overwhelming benefits of employment, people who have been to prison are largely shut out of the labor market. 

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