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OUR Story


Aaron Nichols & Timothy Lo


  • Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC)

  • Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)

Tim's passion for serving the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated began in 2008 while working on a consulting project with UNICOR, a wholly-owned government corporation under the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. UNICOR is a work program for inmates in federal prison that provides inmates an opportunity to work and develop skills that can be used to improve their marketability upon release.  As Tim worked with multiple Federal correctional institutions across the country,  he listened to countless stories of the challenges that inmates face once they leave prison and reenter society.


In 2013 UNICOR was struggling to fill many of its factories and Tim recognized the importance of work for all individuals - both incarcerated and not. It was at that time that Tim started ReshoreUS, a company that brings manufacturing jobs back into the U.S. from overseas as a way to provide jobs for the incarcerated and supporting staff.

In 2016, Tim started Your Next Jump, a career coaching/professional branding company which has served over 6000 clients. 

Aaron's desire to serve the ex-incarcerated began in 2006 as he worked several service and manufacturing jobs with ex-incarcerated co-workers. Through those experiences he saw firsthand the challenges that returning citizens faced upon release from prison. 

In 2017, Aaron founded and operated a non-profit organization in the DC area that sought to meet various physical and spiritual needs in his community.

In 2018, he joined Your Next Jump with a desire to help clients navigate their job search and together with Tim worked to bring those same services to ex-incarcerated through Your Next Story.

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Your Next Story is a non-profit organization started by Your Next Jump to lead the company's efforts to provide employment preparation and placement for ex-incarcerated men and women.

Your Next Jump is a career coaching company based in Washington, DC that has grown to be the largest career coaching company in the Washington DC, New York, and Atlanta metropolitan areas.

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