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We believe in second chance employment

We focus on three areas


We continually work with employers to understand their resource needs and concerns with hiring previously incarcerated individuals to ensure that both inmates and recent reentering individuals are prepared for current market demands and work to mitigate both perceived and actual risks for the employers. We partner with training and certifying bodies that provide education and preparation for in-demand fields.  

We mitigate perceived and actual risks for potential employers when it comes to hiring recently released individuals.



A criminal record reduces the likelihood of a callback or a job offer by nearly 50%. With this challenge, many reentering citizens turn to entrepreneurship and cultivating business ideas and dreams they have held for years. We work with the inspiring entrepreneur to help realize the dream of business ownership. We provide training in the fundamentals of starting and growing a thriving business that serves its community well. We establish mentorship programs where our graduates mentor new reentering citizens in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors.  

A criminal record reduces the likelihood of a callback or a job offer by nearly 50%.



Our approach in preparing and promoting the reentering citizen for gainful employment is both practical and pragmatic. We focus on specific job-related coaching and consulting like job search strategy, LinkedIn strategy and networking and we work with certified writers to build the resume, LinkedIn profile, and other job search artifacts on behalf of the reentering citizen. We provide one-on-one coaching and check-ins as needed and provide connections between the reentering citizen and partnering corporations.

Approximately 11k+ potential job candidates reentering communities every week. 


sample of our training COURSe 

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