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A new story for returning citizens

Providing meaningful employment post-incarceration not only helps the formerly incarcerated, but their families, children, and our society for generations to come. You can change lives today.

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We are an organization partnering with local justice systems, corporations, and volunteers to help the formerly incarcerated, along with their families, to rewrite their own narrative by assisting them in their transition to find meaningful employment.

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We need you with us. Here is our model:



We work with employers to understand the “demand” side along with their concerns with hiring the previously incarcerated and then provide a holistic approach to addressing these needs and the risks to employers by developing a recommended certification, education, and soft skills curriculum.



We provide a practical approach to helping the ex-incarcerated find meaningful employment. Our approach provides job search skills and coaching including use of the internet/technology, overcoming post-release challenges, resume writing, job application skills and building interview skills. We also provide counseling in terms of cognitive intervention to assist the previously incarcerated in re-thinking and re-setting expectations to facilitate positive outcomes upon their return to their communities



We provide comprehensive training for maximizing employment opportunities and we provide training in entrepreneurship for returning citizens to build their own businesses. We establish mentoring programs where our graduates mentor new returning citizens in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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